Watch: Car Rental Company Wants $ 100,000 for McLaren 620R Damage

Most people cannot afford to own a supercar. But a more affordable option to enjoy the high life is to rent one.

A YouTube video went viral recently explaining that if you decide to rent a supercar, you need to find good insurance.

Rob Ferretti, who also runs the SuperspeedstersRob YouTube channel, has a successful car rental business. Earlier this year he rented a McLaren 620R for a roadtrip, but during his travels the car suffered stone chips on the front fascia.

The rocks chipped off some of the paint on the windshield, front bumper and hood, and damaged the expensive carbon fiber separator. Ferretti also managed to brake a few wheels. He knew he would have to shell out some money for the repairs, but was shocked to receive a bill for $ 100,000.

In his disbelief at the costs, he asked the company if he could just buy the car from them, fix it himself, and sell it back. But the rental company said it had already fixed the car and it cost them $ 101,000. Costs apparently included a new front bumper / splitter valued at $ 60,000 and a new set of wheels.

Wary of the extravagance, Ferretti contacted the body shop that allegedly carried out the repairs, who said they had not fitted any new parts to the car in question.

Ferretti thinks the car rental company may have tried to defraud him, and he was passionate enough about the ordeal that he created a few videos about what happened.

You can watch it all unfold below.


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Sylvia F. Hernandez