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It’s that time of year again when we reflect on the past 12 months in the industry.

It has been a fantastic year not only for us but also for the dealers as used car prices continue to soar.

The boom, caused in large part by supply chain issues in the new car market, has been one of the biggest stories of 2021, but is it supported by our readers?

To find out, we’ve taken a look at the data and can now reveal our five most read stories of 2021.

Here is what we discovered …

Our fifth-ranked story dates back to May and has been read almost 60,000 times.

We have reported how an employee of a car dealership drove a Volkswagen Golf out of the forecourt before selling it himself on eBay.


Lee Anthony Horner, 33, of Thornton Street, North Ormesby, was working for JRK Motors in Middlesbrough when he decided to sell one of his cars for his own profit.

He initially denied it, but then admitted the theft and fraud, and was given a two-year community order and ordered to do 20 days of rehabilitation and 40 hours of unpaid labor.

In January, we reported that HMRC was qualifying and humiliating dealerships and garages among companies that had not paid minimum wage to their staff.

A total of 139 companies were called after more than 95,000 workers missed out on £ 6.7million over a number of years in what HMRC called a “flagrant violation of employment law”.

Lambeth-based Sendon Garage Services was the main culprit among the auto companies. Between April 1, 2012 and January 31, 2018, he did not pay an average of £ 12,434.76 to two workers for a total of £ 24,869.52 (although one may have been underpaid less and the other more).

That was enough to place it ninth among all the companies that have short-sold their staff, and the story narrowly beat our fifth entry by a few hundred views.

Our only entry directly related to soaring used car prices, this May story has been read nearly 65,000 times.

Speaking to Car Dealer, a range of dealers large and small, from franchisees to auto supermarkets, all expressed astonishment at the state of the used car market.

A boss of a large UK dealer group told Car Dealer he expected prices to stay high until “early 2022”.

His company has also changed tactics to beat the high reviews of online used car dealers for used car customers.

At the start of the year, the news was dominated by the announcement of a third national lockdown, which entered into force on January 6.

In response to countless questions from readers, we’ve decided to launch a question-and-answer session to address some of the biggest concerns of dealers.

The questions included “Can I buy a car during the nationwide lockdown?” “,” Can I have my car repaired or maintained while it is being locked? And “Will the government offer support to businesses?” “.

The story has proven to be extremely useful to dealers and has been viewed nearly 130,000 times.

Our most read story of the year explored the profit that auto dealers actually make over perception.

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In an exclusive survey for Car Dealer, What Car? found that 28.2 percent of 5,000 car buyers surveyed believe dealerships earn 10 to 20 percent on each car.

When it comes to used cars, again, the majority of buyers think dealers make 10-20 percent profit, but 35.8 percent agreed.

Our readers loved the story and it has been read 400,000 times, making it our number one article of the year.

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Sylvia F. Hernandez