Repair Smith mobile auto repair service offers contactless work right to your home

When your car needs service or repair, you usually need to take it somewhere. But not necessarily, not anymore.

“Auto repair, the business model has been the same for about 50 years, and people don’t like it. And so we’re just trying to improve it,” said Joel Milne, CEO of El Segundo. Smith Repair.

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The company was launched in 2019 and sends a mobile work van, with a certified technician, right to your driveway. Most work can be done on site, prices are competitive, a quote is established in advance and a one-year warranty on all repairs.

The service is now particularly popular during the COVID-19 situation, when people are trying to stay home as much as possible.

“For anyone who wants a safe contactless experience, we are the safest form of car repair. We come, you can leave the keys outside, our technician will communicate by phone and take care of the job, send photos if needed, and you don’t even have to leave your house, ”noted Joel Milne of Repair Smith

Each mobile service van is fully equipped with all the tools needed to perform repairs, including oil changes. The technician only has to bring specific parts to the vehicle on which he is working.

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For service technician Jason Joves, working for customers has an added benefit for the people he works with.

“It demystifies a lot of auto repairs for them. The car doesn’t just disappear into a workshop tunnel and then magically reappear hours later with the customer still wondering, ‘What did you actually fix on my car? “” Joves said as he worked on Kinji Nicole Hithe-Baker’s car just steps from her front door. Repair Smith’s mechanic was doing a tune-up and replacing the brakes on all four wheels.

They don’t work on classics or exotics, but can do most repairs on most modern cars. In rare cases, they have to take it to a central store for more elaborate work. But most of the work can be done for the rest of your life, with your car never going anywhere.

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