Omaha senior stresses auto repair nightmare, thieves steal souvenirs

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – A senior from Omaha is stranded and strapped for cash. Adding to her difficulties, thieves stole precious family memories.

It is not only for health reasons that the heart patient Bernard Gunn is walking everywhere.

“This man has a thousand dollars of my money and looks at my car and he was supposed to get it fixed last month,” Gunn said.

Bernard has a receipt for a new engine to be installed by mechanic Jonathan Buresh who has rented space next to an apartment building. The apparent owner expressed a business criticism.

But Bernard can’t drive his wrecked car or afford to have it towed. During one of those quarter-mile walks from his home to check on the status of repairs, the 68-year-old heart patient discovered thieves were at work on his car.

While waiting for weeks on a new engine, Benard discovered that his car had been broken into.

“And I had all my music and all my family photos with my mom and all my reunion stuff. I had three stuff full of stuff and they took it all.

Bernard filed a police report but like the mechanic, he suspects his valuables are missing, and to get his unfinished car back, he will have to pay the tow bill.

“I’m a surviving heart patient and the only reason I’ve had this car is so I can come and go to my doctor’s appointments,” Gunn said.

There is still a loan on the car, so Bernard Gunn says he can just tell the lender to take it back. He has to rely on his friends and family to get to his frequent doctor’s appointments.

Efforts to locate the mechanic were unsuccessful.

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