Ministry bans auto repair work in public parking lots and sidewalks

Doha: The Ministry of Trade and Industry announced an initiative to regulate car maintenance and repair companies in cities and on shopping streets.

This initiative is part of the ministry’s efforts in cooperation with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment and the Ministry of Interior, to regulate and monitor business activities across Qatar.

In accordance with the laws, conditions and requirements in force in the country, companies that carry out car maintenance and repair activities in cities and on shopping streets may not:

• Carry out their activities outside the site defined in the granted permit, including carrying out their activities in public parking lots, on sidewalks, in adjacent squares and in residential areas.

• They are also prohibited from parking customers’ cars in public car parks, on sidewalks or in residential areas. Cars must be delivered to customers upon completion of their repair.

The ministry clarified that if the commercial workshop cannot accommodate at least one car, the permit site should be moved to designated sites, where repairs can be made.

The ministry explained that the above-mentioned decision includes the following activities:

• Automotive electrical repair

• Car oil change

• Repair, change and sale of tires

• Repair of automotive machinery

• Automatic radiator repair

• Car exhaust repair

• Repair of automotive brakes and gear changes

• Repair and installation of automotive glass

• Automotive electronics repair

• Wheel alignment

• Automotive computer programming

• Car air conditioning repair

• Installation of car accessories

• Car seat padding

• Sale of car accessories

The ministry called on the officials of the aforementioned companies to comply with the measures provided for in this decision. Any violation of the ruling exposes the perpetrators to legal proceedings, and they will be held liable, in accordance with Law No. (5) of 2015 on Public Commercial, Industrial and Similar Stores, and Street Vendors, and the law. n ° (18) of 2017 on public hygiene, and Decree-Law n ° (19) of 2007 relating to the highway code.

The ministry also urged all citizens and residents to report any violation or violation related to registration and business licenses through the 16001 call center.

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