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What if you managed to avoid one this weekend?

After refreshing my X5’s rear suspension, I decided to replace the dingy looking wheel speed sensor (ABS). I’ve been working on a trifecta dashboard at random in the car since I got it – pretty sure it’s the ABS module, but figured I’d replace some of the stock wheel sensors ( 20 years) (frayed wire covers, ugly connectors etc) Logic being that the one that tested poorly has been replaced, but still tests poorly, so maybe (just maybe) it’s wrong because that all the others are bad! (give me a break, go to the BMW logic here!)

I went to remove the allen bolt holding the wheel sensor in place and the head snapped off. No big deal, I’ll just replace the bolt after removing the sensor. I went to start lifting the piece of plastic and the plastic started to fall apart. Ok – this is not good. Let’s start wiggling it gently back and forth and – oops, that just broke in half. At this point, I was about to remove the drill, but after looking around the part, I realized that all of the actual sensor wires were blank (even the ones under the broken plastic sensor housing). I stared at it for a good 5 more minutes, wire cutter in hand, preparing to cut it flat so I could start drilling. After another 5 minutes, I realized this sensor was probably good, and I slowly put the wire cutters on, took some plastic putty and electrical tape, and patched everything up.

I’m pretty sure if I had made this cut, and as corroded as it looked, I would have progressed to the point of removing all of the rusty hub.

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