Best car rental software of 2021


What is car rental software?

Car rental software helps rental companies manage their fleet and reservations from one app. Dashboards provide quick access to customer data, location mapping technologies, and uptime forecasts.

Plus, user-friendly booking tools and contactless agreements help you stay competitive by providing features that car rental customers want or expect. Rental providers can configure their system to provide maintenance alerts, automate toll or parking ticket charges, and easily manage damage reports.

With fleet management software, you can replace error-prone spreadsheets with a complete solution that provides real-time information on the status of your vehicle and reservation.

How much does car rental software cost?

Car rental management software varies by provider, with many using a subscription-based model where you pay per car. However, some services like RentWorks charge per open contract, while Limo Anywhere charges a monthly fee based on the number of limo rides in that month. The price ranges include:

  • One-off costs: Installation fees are one-time costs and range from $ 299 to $ 1,299
  • Packages per vehicle: You will pay $ 1.85 to $ 9 per car each month
  • Annual pricing: Pay $ 99 to $ 199 for plans with only annual plans

What does car rental software typically include?

From theft prevention tools to driver tracking features, car rental software gives you access to features like:

  • Billing and invoicing
  • Location mapping
  • Management of fines
  • Real-time availability report
  • Inventory and maintenance management
  • Vehicle expense tracking
  • Electronic signatures and contract management

Many software companies offer integrations for payment processing, accounting services, and reservations from your website. Suppose you are using specific vendors to accept credit cards or customers via email. In this case, it is essential to speak with the software vendor and ensure that your existing systems will integrate with the rental car software.

How we choose the best car rental software

After exploring 34 different car rental software providers, we’ve narrowed our list down to the top eight companies with fleet and customer management tools. We’ve looked at overall costs to find affordable options for rental businesses of all sizes. Additionally, we looked at the initial setup and training resources to determine the ease of use of the software. We also looked at how rental programs fit in with other tools while exploring the special features required for rental providers in unique circumstances.

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