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The Emerald House of Cars Danger Mouse replica became the most expensive vehicle for sale in this year’s Bangers4Ben race.

The bright yellow vehicle sold on eBay for £ 4,200, making it the most expensive competitor in last month’s tour of Britain.

Originally a Mazda MX5, the Emerald team worked tirelessly to transform the car into a complete replica of Danger Mouse’s famous vehicle.

The company, based in Wednesbury in the West Midlands, didn’t have the smoothest experience during Bangers4Ben, with the car breaking down even before reaching the start line.

However, after being taken in the back of a low loader, the crew were able to resolve the issue and join the rest of the group.

Instagram story of Emerald MOT's outage

The car, which initially cost just £ 750, has now sold on eBay for £ 4,200, after a bidding war that drew 49 bids.

It narrowly beat the offer from Automotive Compliance Ltd, which was forced to accept second place.


The rest of the Bangers4Ben cars went under the hammer with British Car Auctions last week, making over £ 15,000.

Overall, the event has so far raised over £ 35,000 for the car charity.

Matt Wigginton, Director of Partnership and Revenue Engagement at Ben, said, “Ben is here to support anyone who works or has ever worked in our auto industries.

“When a member of our automotive family is in difficulty, we all mobilize to support him”

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