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Ford Bronco Sport is recalled by Ford due to a problem with the roof. This is the fifth campaign affecting the SUV since it entered the market.

The first recall arrived in January and concerned a lubrication problem. February brought in a recall regarding issues with the suspension bolts, then March followed with one related to the lower control arms. In August, a fuel module-related leak triggered a fourth recall. The new recall, as mentioned, is for the sunroof.

According to documents submitted by Ford to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), on a small number of Bronco Sports built between April 27 and May 25, 2021, the applied primer did not have time to harden before the installation of the sunroof. This could cause an inadequate bond between the roof frame and the body, which could cause the sunroof to come off.

The Mach-E electric SUV, also built in Mexico as the Bronco Sport, although at a different factory, suffered from a similar issue that led to a much larger recall.

A total of 1,036 Bronco Sports are affected by the new campaign. In Canada, 211 models are affected. This number is not significant, but the problem is potentially dangerous. Moreover, it becomes impossible not to notice the number of recalls affecting new Ford models these days. The Explorer, Mach-E, Bronco and Bronco Sport were all recalled to the shop very early in their life cycle for various issues.

Ford will begin notifying owners of affected Bronco Sport SUVs on November 29. Owners will be able to visit a Ford or Lincoln dealership for an inspection and, if necessary, have their vehicle’s sunroof replaced., 100% online, shop for your next car, buy online and have it delivered anywhere in Quebec!

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